Having The Decorators In

October 17, 2011

Hi everyone...
Apologies for it having been so long since I last updated. I'm typing this with a horrible head cold, a nose that could run in the Olympics, and my busiest week in a long time ahead of me. Despite all these recent developments, everything is keeping well in the barbers and we are in the middle of redecorating the place! A complete change of colour scheme.
The big boss man has decided to go for a light grey (with a tint of blue) and navy colour combo and I have to say the jury is still out on my decision as to whether or not I'll like it. It's very classy but a little cold feeling. I'll hold judgement until it's finish though. Things have been a bit all over the place as a result with the shop looking like this most days:
However the above image is even a good day! I went into the barbers this week to find the chair at my station was gone! We are getting two new Belmont chairs in (mmmmmm... Belmont) and they have taken out two of the ones we had to make way. I had to seat my clients on one of the much older chairs that they had in the canteen-ish area, which, to be fair, wasn't all that bad and did the job just fine.
Anyway I'll take another photo once the final spit'n'polish is put on and let you all judge for yourself. Right now I'm off to bed with a Lemsip and a warm blanket.
- BE


Clarke said...

The Belmont website shows several models. Which one is the shop getting?

Barber Eile's Blog said...

We are getting in the Apollo chairs. The are lovely and my favourite out of the current range (thought the footrest on the legacy is gorgeous)

Clarke said...

Here in the US, the Apollo is marketed as the Elegance. It seems, there are even some models that are marketed only in certain areas. If anyone is interested in viewing the different Belmont chairs, they can be seen at http://www.takarabelmont.com . I like the Legacy because it reminds me of the old Paidar and Koken chairs every shop had when I was a child.

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