Receiving My First Hot Towel Shave!

June 20, 2011

So with the rather exciting news of me finally starting work in a barbers, the icing was put on the cake to find out that I would be fully trained in giving hot towel shaves also. For someone who knows a fair bit about shaving already, and who loves it as much as I do, this is long overdue!
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My training in these will begin this week and the lovely Chinese lady they have doing them who will teach me is gooooood! Technically though, I had my first real lesson last week when I received a full hot towel shave! I can see why you guys out there like them so much.
I was steamed and lathered and massaged to within an inch of consciousness. No blade was used in the shavette obviously but I was lathered twice and given a WTG (with the grain) and AGT (against the grain) pass. Head, neck, arms and shoulders were all massaged. Preshave oil used, arko (yeay Arko!) used for the lather, and nicely scented balm at the end.  It was really interesting to be on the receiving end, and very important to experience from a barbering point of view. From having a towel wrapped around my face I learnt just how important it is to leave the nose clear to breathe through for the client's comfort. Also I could feel her movement and noticed how close she gets to my face (and though she smelt pleasant, I already knew the importance of personal hygiene, this helped to reinforce my awareness). Also, warning the client that the final towel will be cold is a must too as it can be quite a shock!
So now it's time to turn the tables and to learn all of the techniques. I can hardly wait!
- BE


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