Cornrows Are Hard To Do!

March 22, 2011

On my bus to college there is this cool little kid with Afro-Caribbean hair and he recently got it put into excellent looking cornrows. He sat in front of me this morning and I kept staring at them! For those of you who aren't sure what these are here's a picture of them in various designs:
Ooooh! Yes, those things! Sometimes also worn by women (think Bo Derek in 10). Anywho, I figured they would be the closest thing to a gents' up-style that I might get a chance to learn to do, so I asked my tutor in college how to do them and man, they are tricky! I've only attempted them twice but I'm picking up a bit of speed and getting them a little tighter with each one. Ideally the hair should be dry with some oil put in it to get them smooth and flat. I didn't have oil in my dolly head's hair so strands kept sticking up. I also have no idea how this is done with shorter hair without the ends sticking up all over the place - I'll have to investigate.
They are kind of like an upside-down French plait with the pieces being taken under the middle strand each time instead of over. Here's a picture of my second attempt at doing them:
I did the middle one first so it's a bit bigger and messier than the others. Despite them being tricky I really love the intricacy and challenge of doing them and find them fun. Though I doubt I'll have many opportunities to do them in my career I'll keep up the skill for fun.
Here's a picture of one of my favourite hairstyles I came across incorporating a funky usage of cornrows - I love it!:
 - BE


Randy said...

Hey BE,
I haven't been here in a while and had to "catch up" with your posts. I love the single-product review format you're using this year, and am looking forward to seeing more hair cuts and styles from you. I don't think I'm ready for the Beckham V, the JB, or the cornrows, but I'm sure you'll have one that I'll just have to run out and try!

Barber Eile's Blog said...

Thanks for taking the time to catch up Randy! I'll see if I can rustle up a style for you :)

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