The 'V' Haircut

February 7, 2011

Hi Everyone!
Well I'm back in college a week now and I've moved onto working on lots more clients and also to learning particular styles, rather than just cutting techniques, on my dolly heads. It helps me to see how to put all of those techniques I've learnt together to create a finished look. 
One of the first styles I've learnt is one that is HUGELY popular here at the moment amongst boys in their teens and its called the 'V'. The name is self explanatory as the shape of the hair forms a 'V' at the back. It became popular last year particularly in the football scene and, as most trends develop from fans copying celebrities, David Beckham was a big influence on the popularity of this style:
While it looks simple enough the blending between the short sides to the longer length at the top can be tricky to get right esp. on the back as the V gets smaller. Cutting hair on a dolly head is never overly easy anyway as, due to the threading, it will stick out from the head esp. on tighter cuts.
The sides of this cuts can be done either by shaving the sides and then blending into the top, or by creating a graduated cut at the side that then blends into the length on top. The graduated version provides a smoother transition as it is a less tight blend. In the picture of my dolly below I have blended from a number 2 shave at the sides. This picture was taken the day after I cut it so its a little messed at the sides.
You can see the V point at the nape of the neck, and while it looks patchy in the left photo it wasn't in real life. Again that it just the threading of the hair making it stand out so you are looking down the strand at the scalp in the photo giving the appearance of a patch.
This style could be developed into more of a mohawk, or kept longer at the sides and made into a faux-hawk. However as is, this is the V. Personally I'm not a big fan as I think it can look quite common and a bit 'football hooligan laddish'. Though I think the 'make-up' on my dolly head gets rid of that image somewhat! What do you think of it?

- BE


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