Product Review: Truefitt & Hill Almond Shaving Cream

February 13, 2011

I was doing a bit of a den clean out recently and was hoping to sell off some soaps and creams than I had gotten but wasn't too fond of. In general there was nothing wrong with the performance (in fact some top names like Taylor's Of Old Bond Street, European Palmolive, and the above were in the lot) but the scents just weren't for me. Anyway, the lot never got sold so I figured I would give this cream a shot before I give it away or put it back into storage.
Armed with my trusty Gem GBar SE Razor loaded with a blade from a group buy on Badger And Blade I brought this tub into the bathroom to give it a whirl.
Obviously I'm not keen on the scent. It was my reason for wanting to sell it in the first place. It's sweet and very marzipan-ish and just does nothing for me. So for once it was a plus that the scent neither got stronger (to my nose) when I lathered nor did it stay on my skin. In terms of lather though this stuff is fantastic. I gave my brush a little dab and twist into the tub and lathered on my skin and it produced tons of lather without the "good stuff" getting stuck in the knot as can happen sometimes. Very think, foamy rich lather with plenty of slickness and cushion to it. It lathers very easily too with little work involved, and while it was thick, it wasn't dry as some lathers can be. A good smooth shave and nicely moisturizing and I would be curious to try  their Limes one but am in no rush as my Queen Charlotte Lime Shaving Soap that I reviewed here is still my number one thing to use. Now back into the drawer it goes!

- BE


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